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10 Strategies To Improve Social Media Engagement

Everyone wants to be on social media. Whether it is a business or an individual, the social media marketing wave has swept through everyone’s lives. Statistics suggest, 2.38 billion people worldwide are on Facebook itself. So you may like it or dislike it but you can definitely not ignore the power of social media.

To master the art of using this wonderful medium to your benefit, you may require certain tips and techniques. Afterall digital marketing is no child’s play. A lot of investment goes into making a post engaging and entertaining. But once you have cracked the model, there is no looking back.

Why is social media engagement important?

One may think that regularly posting on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc are enough to keep the target audience engaged. But the truth is that it takes more than just posting on social media to increase your engagement score.

A good engagement score means more people are likely to buy your products or services because a business has to first engage with the customer to sell a product. How can one increase the engagement score of a post? Let us read below some of the tips to get your engagement score graph on an uphill.

Tips to increase social media engagement:

  1. Add some humour: You instantly connect with someone who makes you smile or laugh. Let your posts do this for you. Include humour and wit in your posts so that it tickles the funny bone in your target audience and compels them to follow you.
  2. Choose interesting visuals: A good picture is the life of a post. Do not make the mistake of posting just text without any image on social media. People come on social media to be entertained and a good picture is an extremely critical element of a good post.
  3. Videos do the trick: These days even more than pictures, videos are doing the trick. Try making an engaging video with a good message, a storyline and a call to action for your target audience.
  4. Time it right: It is not easy to know which time of the day will you have maximum readers online. That is why you need to keep trying to post on different time slots until you find a time slot where you got maximum likes. This will come only with experience.
  5. Include trending hashtags: A trending hashtag already has many followers. Including that in your post can immediately increase the engagement score of your post.
  6. Post polls and surveys: Ask questions to your readers that are relevant to them and your business. Let them rate, select, comment on the posts to catapult the engagement level.
  7. Giveaway contest prizes: Who does not like to win free giveaways? A contest can be a good way to engage readers. Free prizes for the contest winners or for those who tag maximum friends etc are some of the ways you can leverage the power of contests.
  8. Let the influencers influence: Influencers are those people who have a huge fan following and what they say impacts the decision of their fans. Partner with such influencers and ask them to visit your store or try your product and service and give feedback.
  9. Test the power of testimonials: If you have any satisfied and loyal customers, request them to speak a few lines or pen down a few words for you as a testimonial. This way you can turn your customers into your brand ambassadors.
  10. Let the event go live: You can go live with your event telecast on social media. Make sure you announce the go-live timings before-hand to ensure a lot of people sign-in during the live telecast.

There are many such tips and techniques which when applied can help you have an impactful social media presence. If you are looking for a partner in the journey who can guide you and support you in the area of digital marketing then get in touch with WebSocl. Their team is always eager to listen to you and attend to your queries.