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7 Elements Of Good Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, one would spend several hours to achieve perfection in their work. While there are several factors that come together to develop a successful design, there are certain key elements that have to be kept in mind to render a good design. Expert graphic design service providers put all these elements together to provide a high level of sophistication to their work. Let us have a close look at the top elements of graphic designing.

What are the 7 elements of graphic designing?

Given below is a list of seven elements that make up good graphic design and are kept in mind by an experienced graphic design service solution agency.

  1. Line

    The first and one of the most basic elements of any graphic design is a line. Lines are used to make the readers focus on particular phrases or words. These can also be used for connecting content as well as creating patterns and much more. Moreover, these lines can be found everywhere in graphic design. Their placement decides the division of space, proportions, and figures. Lines can be straight, curved, zig-zag, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, dotted or solid. They guide the eye movement of the observer, creating an emotion or an experience inside. To make sure that the figures have the right effect, ensure that the placement of line and its proportions are perfect.

  2. Color

    Colors are crucial elements of a design. Any graphic design service provider would pay a great deal of attention on choosing the right color shades, tints, and hues. It influences the emotions of the viewer the most making it highly impactful.

  3. Texture

    Texture has a tactical element on the objects it is being used upon. A professional graphic design service provider would lay importance on the texture of the surface on which the design will be printed. Textures can be used to give a 3-Dimensional effect to any photograph, text, or make a visual look subdued or make it pop. There is a lot of experimentation possible with textures.

  4. Size and Proportion

    Since a visual is always seen as a whole, sizes and proportion of constituents of a design have their own impact and way of communicating to the viewer.  Size can help in conveying the importance of a particular element as well as create better contrast.

  5. Shapes

    There can be several types of shapes in graphic design. The most basic shapes are circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. There are also abstract, geometric, or stylized shapes. Shapes come together and interact in a visual and can be used in a variety of elements such as logos, webpages, layouts, etc. A knowledgeable graphic design service provider should be conscious of what the designs are communicating and should use appropriate shapes accordingly.

  6. Space

    Space is the area that is around the elements of design. Negative space refers to the area in the design that is filled with only the background color. This negative space does not necessarily refer to negativity. In fact, you should be wise to use this space to create your intended effect in the mind of the viewer. It enhances the interaction between the elements present in a design. If you already have a graphic design service solution, you do not have to worry about the concept of negative space.

  7. Value

    Value is related to the element of color, as it refers to how light or how dark the design is. It impacts the mood or experience of the viewer significantly. It can convey the illusion of movement in a design by fading and emergence of effects.

If you are a professional graphic design service provider, an amateur or someone just starting to understand the basic elements, it takes a lot of practice to perfect a design. At WebSocl we have a team of experts who can help you carve out a good design that suits your requirement.

A graphic designer needs to have a keen eye for detail and should be able to spot the best combinations and our team of graphic designers do just that. Keep in mind the intended effect you wish to have on the viewer and experiment with the different elements. With these design elements, you can enhance your graphic design skill and make some of the best and most interesting designs.