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7 Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Video-Editing Work

Companies and enterprises make videos of their products, the journey of their business or a new service they have started. The reason for the rise in demand for videos is simple – people want to watch more videos today than read a message. Videos are extremely popular on social media, websites or blogs.

While you are at work of creating a good video, do not forget that some certain tips and tricks can always come in handy to a video editor. Sound knowledge of the domain with some quick and easy tips can make the job of a video editor much easier and help him deliver faster results.

Video Editing Tips:

  1. Master the keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a favourite of most of the computer software and video editor professionals. Who would not like to get complicated work done at the press of a single key? A shortcut key replaces multiple tedious steps required to do a particular job. For example, pressing the J key plays the track backwards and the speed increases when you press the key multiple times. So going reverse is absolutely a hassle-free process with the help of the J key.

Similarly, the L key moves the video forward and the K key pauses the video or you can alternatively use the spacebar to perform the same function. So, did you see how fast things can move when you use shortcuts? This saves time and helps the video editor to deliver a video project on time to the client.

  1. Add depth with some good music

A musical background score can do wonders to your video. Just make sure that the music is relevant to the video playing on the screen. Also, the timing of the music should go with the pace of the scene. A sad and slow scene being enacted on the screen with fast and peppy music in the background can be a total disaster.

  1. Play with the speed of the video

Slow-motion or fast motion can add a lot of drama to your videos. It is also used to adjust the scene length and sequencing scenes in a particular video. These tips help in ensuring the scenes fit better with each other for a fine video viewing experience.

  1. Get the video rolling with B Roll and A Roll

A roll is referred to the media that tells the story while B roll refers to the shots that can be shown in between to cover up long pauses or monologues. For example, if a person is using too much ‘uum’, ‘hmm’ in his speech then the audience might get bored. It is good to introduce some B roll shots in between of the audience or the things that the person is speaking about to break the monotony of the conversation.

  1. Keep the content visually impactful

Watching a video should be a viewing pleasure for your target audience. That is why one should make sure that the visuals used in a video are interesting and pleasing. That will keep your audience glued to the screen.

  1. Have a story and a message

Just showing visuals is nothing more than showing a slideshow of pictures. They do not mean anything and do not have a purpose. When you are investing a lot of time and resources in making the video make sure it has a central message and a strong storyline. Only then it will have the desired impact on your audience.

  1. Have a call to action

Another important aspect that many video editors miss is to have a call to action in the video. Just telling a story with good visuals and pleasant music is only a piece of entertainment. But when you are in business you have to ensure that the investment gets you good returns. Try to include a ‘subscribe now’ or ‘register now’ kind of buttons at the end of the video. Or leave the audience with a question on “Will you like to try something like this?” or “Call us today to know more about this service” etc.

Your video editing service provider should be well versed with these useful and simple tips that we have shared above. If you are looking for a trusted partner in the field of video editing then you can get in touch with WebSocl. Visit their website today to know the amazing offers and services they have in this domain.