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Benefits Of Creating 2D Animation Videos

The benefits of animation and videos can hardly be debated. The social media is flooded with video content and the consumption of this dynamic medium of communication is on a steep rise. And why not? Afterall studies suggest that animation helps to create an emotion of nostalgia which is amongst the most powerful emotion that exists and fights depression. Marketers are making the most of this medium and partnering with the best video editing service providers to ensure they produce the best animated videos for viewing by consumers.

One such wonderful form of animated video is a 2D animation. A very popular method of animation with marketers and consumers alike. Let us see what exactly is 2D animation and how it can benefit your business.

What is 2D animation?

In simple words, 2D animation is when a series of pictures move in a two-dimensional space. A good example of 2D animation is a cartoon film. In 2D animation, the video editing service providers create depth by including multiple layers in the background and introducing several characters in the video. These characters can depict your brand or customers. Your imagination and creativity can get wings with 2D animation.

 What are the benefits of using 2D animation?

There are multiple benefits of using 2D animation in a business. Some of them are discussed here:

  1. Simplified understanding
    Videos are easy to understand by consumers. So if your company wants to convey a complicated or length message then you should consider making a 2D animation of it. For example, you can create an interesting 2D animation about the life journey and history of your company. A plain text with chronological events can become a bit monotonous and boring for readers. But watching a dramatic video and film on it can be both entertaining and impactful. When videos are impactful, the viewers remember your brands for a longer duration. Studies reveal that video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.  No wonder then the 2D animation videos have become so popular.
  2. Brings the message to life
    Video has the power to connect deep within. When you watch someone emoting on the screen, it has a very deep impact on you. 2D animation brings your message and character to life by including emotions, several characters, background effects, audio effect etc in the video. This is very useful when you want to explain a complicated idea in a simple but impactful manner to your target audience.
  3. Easy to promote
    In this digital world, a lot of companies are promoting their brand online. Videos make it extremely easy for you to connect with your online audience. You can upload the videos on channels like YouTube or post it on various social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. All these platforms support 2D animation formats.

But before you start to reap the benefits of promoting your brand through 2D animation videos, you should ensure that the quality of the video is par excellence. All the effort of creating and promoting the videos goes into vain if the message, story idea and animation processes are not executed properly.

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