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Benefits Of Order Management

Many say that a business is all about demand and supply. However, in today’s age, the third dimension of inventory plays as critical a role as demand and supply. As an e-commerce company, you would know the importance of delivering an order on time to a customer. Not just your profits but your reputation rests on good order management service and system.

What is an order management system (OMS)?

It is a centralized system to manage order and ensure timely deliveries to meet customer expectations. You can either do it in-house or outsource order management services to a service provider.

OMS connects various touch points like supply chain, financial, inventory and customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. A good OMS can offer multiple benefits to the company including repeat business orders, loyalty, reduced delays, better inventory management etc.

How does OMS work?

An OMS gives you a unified view of the order beyond just inventory management. It makes sure your customer gets a seamless buying experience. Here are a few things it does:

  • An OMS accepts orders and processes it
  • Ensures that the products are sent from the best inventory location
  • Updates inventory in real time
  • Takes care of returns and order acknowledgement
  • Provides controls and feedback mechanisms to its users

Benefits of Order Management Services

Are you stuck in the cycle of buy, fulfil and return? Are your other business functions getting affected by a weak order management system in place? Do not worry. There are companies which specialise in order management services and can help you in getting your order management strategy in place.

Some of the benefits of working with an order management service provider are:

  • Provides a faster response to customers
  • Maintains accurate and real-time inventory
  • Ensures seamless order delivery
  • Helps to maintain a lower buffer stock
  • Ensures operational cost-efficiency
  • Helps to build customer loyalty
  • Provides information about real-time customer demand
  • Manages product returns and exchanges
  • Ensures faster response to market changes
  • Equips you to think beyond inventory
  • Gets repeat business

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