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Best Creative Editing Techniques Every Video Editor Should Know

Many experts believe that video editing is nothing but an art of storytelling. A story is made up of touching emotions, a central message, interesting characters and a climax or conclusion. To be able to portray these in the form of a film or a video may sound easy. But to make the video impactful the editors have to use techniques that enhance or sometimes even exaggerate an event. This ensures that the audience understands the story well and has a good viewing experience.

The story can be anything – your family film, a song video, company history or just product or service description. Whatever the reason or central idea behind the video, the editors should ensure the videos are meaningful and impactful. There are many video editing techniques available that video editors like to use to make interesting and impactful videos. We have picked some of them here to showcase how these techniques can bring alive a story on the screen.

  • Standard-cut: This is the simplest of the technique that every novice or expert should master. A standard cut simply joins two frames. The last frame of a video clip is joined to the first frame of the next clip to develop a standard cut.
  • Jump cut: When you want to depict that time is passing by or a ‘jump’ in time you use a Jump cut. In this, clips are of the same subject are shot from two or more different camera positions. These are then shown in sequence giving an effect of jumping ahead in time.
  • Wipe transition: This is a transition technique. In this, a shot travels from one side of the frame to another frame. This way one shot dissolves int0 the second one in a smooth transition.
  • Fade in/out: This technique is generally used to depict a change in time for example from day to night or from one era to another. As the name suggests, it is simple, one-time fades in and the out fades out slowly.
  • Invisible Cut: If you want to smoothen your transitions, use invisible cut. There are two major types of cuts – the visible ones and the invisible cuts. Invisible cuts are used to ensure the viewers are not distracted while watching the story.

There are many more techniques in video editing. So many types of cuts, transitions etc. There are also several software available for doing a good job of video editing. However, the in-depth knowledge of the domain is very critical to make a good video. If you are going to use the video for a professional purpose then it is advisable to get them made by an expert. One such video editing service provider in California is WebSocl.

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