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Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

Digitalization has all of a sudden increased demand in almost all the departments, especially graphic Designing. Although Graphic designs is an ancient craft that we see in almost all the historical civilizations. It has been a part of communication for a long time. And it has been a constant in the world of communication, used by everyone all across the globe with a course of evolution.

So basically graphic design can be stated as a subset of visual communication to solve problems through typography, photography, and illustrations.

How to do Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative part of communication. One needs to know the working of the software, basic knowledge of color combination, and a little bit of interest in art.

There is a proper process of learning graphic design:

  • Gather as much information as you can about graphic design but make sure the resources are reliable
  • Select your area of interest
  • Get the application of your area of interest
  • Master the application

While mastering your area of interest there are a few unsaid rules about graphic design:

  • Balance and symmetry of the design
  • The flow of your craft (keep your aesthetics)
  • Repetition should not be there
  • The patter of the graphics should express your name
  • Proportions of the graphics should be 1:16:8. This is called “The Golden Ratio”
  • The user’s eye should be able to recognize a good layout (the third opinion always matters)
  • Typography should be aligned with the graphics designed
  • Choice and use of color pattern matters

e.g: Having more than two entirely different designs for the same brief is a sign of a good graphic designer.

Graphic Design Services @WebSocl

WebSocl has a team of experienced graphic designers who will work with you to get you the right color, font, image, and graphic. Once we start working with you we detail out every word and idea of yours in words and then into a graphic that speaks on its own to your target audience.

We handle all kinds of creative projects discussing every minute details of your ideation. Our core philosophy is we agree to disagree. We are not a bunch of yes men. We believe in giving our best work on the table and not just something that was supposed to be done and dusted. Our team of graphic designers is a believer in quality work. We are meant to not give you false hopes but to help you carve out the route, which shapes your thought in amazing graphic design.

We at WebSocl would like to showcase our hard work, smart work, and creativity. We believe in winning.

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