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Colour Psychology in Logo Design & Branding Explained

One of the most crucial factors in logo design and branding is the color that is used. There are a number of graphic elements that every graphic design service agency uses, but color happens to be an essential one to convey an emotion or feeling. Also, each color is associated with plenty of different meanings which relate to human psychology.

The spectrum of colors and its relation to human emotions

Here are the most prominently used colors used by the graphic design service agency in logo designing and branding and the meanings they usually get associated with:

  1. Red
    Being the warmest hue in the spectrum, it is seen as very popular for showing excitement, passion, love, desire, and aggression. The color is certainly very intense. It also portrays hunger, enhances respiration rate, and much more. Generally, for things like ‘Buy now’ and ‘Alert!’ where attention needs to be grabbed, red color is used.
  2. Green
    It should go unsaid; the color green goes hand-in-hand with nature. Wherever the graphic design service agency wishes to show a relation with nature, safety, fertility, or something symbolic with life, the color green is used. For the human eye, it is said to create a very soothing effect. Mostly, it is used as a background color.
  3. Yellow
    Yellow is a color-associated maximum with sunshine. Therefore, it symbolizes warmth, happiness, and is known to boost a person’s mental activity. The color yellow adds cheer to life and is very attention-seeking. However, a professional graphic design service agency is required as it understands how much of which color can be used in a design. Overusing yellow will make it bad.
  4. Blue
    Blue is the color of the beautiful sky and the ocean. Therefore, it often has a very stabilizing and calming effect on a person. It is a color associated with freedom and imagination, a mid-left open to wander. It also shows confidence and intellect. Thus, a graphic design service agency often uses this color for corporate tasks. Too much of this color too can have a very negative impact on a person.
  5. Black
    The color black is often related to class, royalty, and mystery. It portrays emotions such as strength, sophistication, authority, and has an undeniable elegance. Therefore, where the brand needs to be showcased as something grad and prestigious, the color black is utilized. It also represents emptiness or evil at times. Thus, it all depends on how the color is used and what image it creates in a person’s mind.
  6. Purple
    Purple is a blend of red and blue. Thus, the emotions it shows off are also a mix of the two colors. Purple is often related to things or feelings that are delicate, precious, and sacred. It shows luxury, ambitiousness, and growth. It is a very subtle yet powerful color of the spectrum that is used in logo designing and branding by the graphic design service agency.
  7. White
    White is an innocent color and is a symbol of guidance and purity. It represents fresh creation and brings out feelings of cleanliness and clarity. Wherever simplicity and richness are to be shown, the color white is often used. The color white shows newer beginnings.
  8. Brown
    Brown is the color of soil; thus, again, it is something that relates to nature. Also, it portrays the emotions of trust and unity. It has a very relaxing effect on human vision. Thus, because of its earthy color tone, brown is a perfect color where a humble behavior of quality of the brand is to be portrayed.
  9. Orange
    The mixture of red and yellow makes the color orange. It shows compassion, warmth, joy, and creativity. Also, the color orange is often used for stimulating hunger. Therefore, restaurants often use this color to enhance this emotion. Orange is also quite attention grabbing but is a little subtle and sweet at the same time.

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