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Embroidery Digitizing 3D Puff Trend

3D puff embroidery on hats and other things looks attractive and is a very popular form of digitized embroidery. Despite its popularity, 3D puff embroidery is not done by all embroidery digitizing service providers. Few have mastered the technique.

But, the question is how is 3D puff embroidery is done and where is it used? The 3D puff embroidery is popularly used in hats. You must have seen sports teammates wearing caps embroidered with 3D puff logos of the team.

Let us look at the technique of making 3D puff embroidery

  • Step 1
    The first step is to hoop your garment just the same way as you would do in a normal embroidery design. Then you need to load and put the garment in position onto the embroidery machine. That is the first and the most simple one.
  • Step 2
    The next critical step is loading your design on the machine. Import the digitized embroidery file to your embroidery machine similar to how you do it for normal embroidery designs. The only change in 3D puff design is you should decide whether you want to set your machine to automatic or manual mode. Your choice will decide whether the machine should stop after each color or not.
  • Step 3
    Now is the time to select the sequence of colors for your design. If you want an outline to your design, then the machine’s first color stop is the outline of your design. If you have correctly digitized your design then the machine will stop as soon as it finishes the outline of the design.
  • Step 4
    Now comes the most interesting part of 3D puff embroidery – the usage of foam. Yes! That is what makes 3D puff embroidery different from other embroidery techniques. You have to take a piece of foam and cut it into a rectangular shape that covers the design area. Make sure you leave an inch of foam around the design. Try using the same color foam or similar shade of that of the thread. A contrasting color will look odd when seen between threads.
  • Step 5
    While you place the foam on the embroidery machine, make sure to hold the foam from both the sides till the stitches can hold the foam in its place. You can also tape the foam if you like. As soon as the embroidery machine runs for a few stitches, the foam will stay in its place.
  • Step 6
    Now is the time to remove the excess foam from the design. The foam has to be carefully peeled off from the embroidered design. You can even use a lighter to burn off the excess foam. Make sure you are using a polyester thread for embroidery. A cotton thread may burn when using a lighter.

The results of 3D puff embroidery are stunning. But these simple steps have to be performed carefully and with complete expertise. You also need to make sure that the digitized artwork is of great quality as that is the foundation of the 3D design. Also, use high-quality threads and needles. A lot of expert 3D puff embroidery artists recommend running the embroidery machine on a lower speed when working on the 3D puff embroidery.

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