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How Social Media Marketing Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals?

A few decades back very few leaders would have imagined that one day a single click of the mouse could make or break their business. Yes, we are talking about the advent of the social media marketing that has drastically changed the way marketers communicate, sell, generate awareness and close sales with customers.

Statistics suggest that there are 3.96 billion social network users worldwide as on July 2020. As an entrepreneur, you can hardly ignore this huge customer base. The number of social network users in the USA alone is 223.03 million in 2020. You surely need a well thought social media strategy to reach out to such a large number of people in the right manner. That is where companies are collaborating with social media marketing service providers to make the most of this digital wave.

Before we get into the discussion of how social media marketing and collaborating with service providers in the field can benefit your business, let us try to first understand briefly what is social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the usage of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc to market your products or services to your target audience. It is a digital form of marketing that requires an internet connection. SMM allows you to curate and share relevant content like text, images, infographics, audio files etc with people of specific interests, age, gender and other demographics. The power of targeting the specific people on the internet with just a click of a button has made this medium extremely popular.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals?

Let us have a closer look at some of the popular social media networking sites to see how you can make the most of these for achieving your business goals.

  • Grow your fan base on Facebook

    Statistics suggest that the 2020 figures of Facebook monthly active users have reached 1785 million. The reason for Facebook’s popularity can be attributed to the medium’s friendly and casual approach to sharing interesting information. What just started as a place to connect with friends has grown into a community of entrepreneurs. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses are thriving on Facebook. To make your company’s presence felt on this social media marketing platform, make sure you use Facebook ads along with working on increasing your fan base organically. Focus on the layout of images, the tonality of text and the visual component of your post on Facebook to maximize your audience reach.

  • Share your news and views on Twitter

    Unlike Facebook, users generally post multiple times a day on Twitter. If you want to share any news, offers, discounts, customer testimonials or announcements then Twitter is the place. Make sure you respond to queries, questions and comments on Twitter fast as that is how the nature of this social media platform is.

  • Grow your network on LinkedIn

    Get into some professional dialogues on LinkedIn. You can also create LinkedIn groups to connect with like-minded people. LinkedIn also allows you to search a new employee easily as the entire career profile of a professional is uploaded on LinkedIn. You can post jobs and vacancies too on this wonderful medium that connects businesses with talent. A real boon for the HR industry we must say!

  • Put your ideas to life on YouTube

    The consumption of video content is on a steady rise in social media. Marketers are making the most of this trend by uploading interesting videos on social media. Videos have a deeper impact on the viewers and can help you communicate a complicated message very simply. So make sure you have your company’s channel on YouTube and don’t forget to ask your viewers to subscribe to it.