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Infographic Design Trends For 2020

The world today has no shortage of talent or creativity. There are newer trends and technologies in the market from time to time. This is actually, what keeps the market young, growing, and exciting. In 2020 as well, the world of graphic design has something new to offer; something bold, creative, and highly attractive. Thus, the graphic design solutions have two paths to choose from, either they stick to old and play it safe, or they explore the newer trends to create something refreshing.

Check out the top infographic design trends that are taking the design market by storm in 2020.

  1. Fluid shapes

    Fluid shapes add ultimate creativity to any theme or design. The best part about fluid shapes is that they fit in naturally with almost any theme and enhance the appearance of the design. The idea is to make the design look abstract and vibrant by choosing the perfect color scheme for the fluid shapes. You can also combine this trend with other newer ones to create something better.

  2. 3D design

    3D designing is like a new favorite amongst firms offering graphic design solutions. It is true that monochromatic 3D designs were a part of the industry for the past couple of years as well. However, it is the perfect mix-and-match of different trends that help in producing something new. For example, fluid shapes with a 3D effect make the infographic completely different by adding dimension to it, making it look better.

  3. Neon color shocks

    In the year 2020, it is all about going BOLD! However, a minor thing to look out for is that the design shouldn’t look ‘too much’ or gaudy. Making it trendy is essential but making sure that you are not over-designing it is another aspect. Graphic designers are using Neon hues with dark backgrounds to make the visuals stand out. However, being careful about not using too many colors in a single design and not affecting the readability of it is also essential.

  4. Metallic touch

    A tinge of metallics always makes it more refined and better-looking. The firms providing graphic design solutions are complementing their designs with a little gold or silver to give it the ‘extra’ enhancement to make it stand out. This doesn’t signify a complete silver or gold design. The designers usually make the regular or pastel hues metallic by adding a little gold or silver to them.

  5. Retro visuals

    Some things never grow old. Retro visuals are certainly back in trend. It is good to refresh your minds with something old that was once a hype. Just like fashion, retro visuals are becoming highly popular in graphic designing too. They add a uniqueness to the design and at the same time, bring out a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with their appearance. They add a perfect contemporary touch to it.

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