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Internet services are so handy and almost everyone is present on all social media platforms making life easy. According to research, 59% of the world population is accessible to the internet and 51% of the global population is active social media users as of July 2020.

Having said that every platform we coming up with a new feature every time. Technology is developing therefore the social media platforms have to keep up the advancements. While many of us know, what these features are but we, as marketers may not know how we can make the most out of it.

In this blog, I will be talking about Instagram and its profile types. Yes, you heard me right, there are different types of Instagram account you can make basis your requirement.

Instagram Profile Types

There are three types of Instagram accounts:

  • Personal Instagram Account
  • Creator Instagram Account
  • Business Instagram Account

Personal Instagram Account

So, as the name suggests this is a profile when you are not interested in any Instagram strategy. This allows you to stay personal and stay connected with your peer group. It hassle-free and allows you to keep your profile either private or public. Although switching to the public may ask for verification.

It has all the basic features of Instagram like stories, IGTV, Reels, and Feeds. In addition, you can link as many Facebook pages to the profile or even none at all. However, a few things are limited to a personal account. Like you cannot have analytics and insights about your account and cannot monetize it.

Therefore, this type of account is for only those who want to have fun and stay connected with their friends. Those who are not focused on content creation and are not selling any product or services can opt for a personal account.

Creator Instagram Account

Since there has been an evolution of digital content creators and them turning out to have millions of fan following, Instagram launched a new profile type “Creator Instagram Account”.

This kind of profile is suitable for influencers, content creators, public figures, etc. Creator accounts separate its users from regular users and businesses. This Instagram profile helps differentiate between branded content and influencer-brand partnership and provides transparency about Instagram marketing.

However, the basic features of Instagram personal account remain the same but Instagram raised the bar and added some more to distinguish it from others. Like a creator, account can have insights and analytics about the account and can generate content specific performance. These profiles have a flexible profile display and you can choose what creators category you belong too. It allows you to manage and create promotional content and add links in your stories if your followers are more than 1000.

Adding two specialties to help you create unique content, creator profile gives you access to creator studio on desktop and access to the branded content tool. However, the creator profile can be linked to only one Facebook page and cannot be turned to private mode.

As mentioned above this account type is feasible for influencers, content creators, public figures, etc. Moreover, if you are willing to create content and monetize it then you have your way.

Instagram Business Account

If you have a business and you are on social media then you need an Instagram business account. This will help you with brand management, conversions, and marketing. Having an Instagram business account helps gain trust, makes you look professional, and shows authenticity about your brand. It is, in no doubt, a better place to be connected with your audience as it gives a personal touch to your brand.

Moreover, you get to enjoy more features than a Creator account, as you will be handling a brand’s marketing communication tool. So, the Instagram business profile allows you to display your business details and chose your business category. It allows you to run ads and manage branded content and promotional payments. The best part of a business account is Instagram Shopping, where you can tag your products in the post for the ease of the audience to know the basic details of the product. And if they want to buy they will get redirected to your website or the e-commerce link.

As discussed, the Instagram business account is for businesses selling products and services. And if you want to knows your audience then you need to be on Instagram with an authentic Instagram marketing strategy.

So, if you are still not sure about which profile to choose you can simply create a personal account and switch between the three and judge your performance and your audience. See what kind of content is prevalent among your target market and then chose the profile and prepare a strategy.