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Instagram Creator Profile Account: Benefits and Advantages

Marketers are analytics hungry people. They always want more insights into their social media accounts and campaigns. It helps them curate campaigns and come up with creative branding activities. Since Instagram is consumer-friendly, it becomes an interactive platform for brands to communicate with its potential audience. Being a part of Facebook, Instagram is completely different from its counterparts when it comes to the quality of the content. It’s classy, authentic, relevant, and most importantly user-friendly.

On Instagram, now they have an option for signing up for an Instagram creator account where they can access more insights. Instagram launched its creator account option in early 2019 as an addition to its already existing personal account and business account.

Instagram knows the value of influencers, public figures, and top performers. So, clearly, to give them their space and show the importance of Instagram introduced this account type. It gives access to specialized tools, more detailed analytics than presently available, and filters to their direct messages. However, this account is currently available with those having more than 10,000 followers and connected to a Facebook business account. You can simply switch to a creator’s account from your Instagram settings option.

Our agenda of discussion here is what are the features and benefits of a creator’s account and how marketers can use this account type.

What was the purpose of launching the Instagram creator’s account

  • Double the number of influences and content

    Instagram knows what influencers are capable of doing and what they can contribute to attract more number of influencers on this platform and provide justice to their content. It created a profile type which gives their contents and them much more recognition and accessibility to its audience.

  • Difference between businesses and influencers

    Earlier, when the Instagram creator profile was not launched, influencers had to make a business profile that did not suffice their needs. It did not include the features and tools that could cater specifically to the influencer’s community. Also, there was almost no difference between the branded contents. Therefore, to set the difference between the contents and to recognize the needs of both the entities for social media marketing management, Instagram launched a creators account with a bundle of features and deep analytical tools.
    These two were the major factors involved in launching this profile type and attracting the influencers to its platform. Another interesting fact about Instagram, when done a survey, 87.1 % of influencers said Instagram is their top platform. This also could have contributed to introducing the creator’s account.

The features and benefits of Instagram creators account:

  • Index Growth Insights

    Instagram allows you to have follower insights. You can access information about audience growth, and decline means a detailed report and how or why the audience shifted. Currently, the business profile can see week by week overall growth while the creator’s account gives elaborated daily increase and decrease.
    Having a creator’s account, you will be able to determine the days when fluctuations happened, and you can review the post or content shared on those days that might have been added to cause the variation.

  • Filter Direct Messages

    Instagram very soon realized that having an open account or being a public figure comes with a lot of challenges, especially with messages. A lot of people will be reaching out to you through your inbox messages along with your peer group. Instagram allows you to segregate your direct messages into general and primary through direct message settings. These filtered messages will help you to rule out unwanted messages and prioritize your audience interactions.

  • Display Category and Contact Information

    You can select your category of work that defines you the best and display it on your profile description, which will be visible to your audience. Your category is how your audience will recognize you and your content. It will help your followers to relate with your content and you as a creator.
    In addition to the category description, you can add your contact information like your business phone number, email id, etc. so that companies can contact you for collaborations. However, you can disable it if you don’t want any random calls on mail. Although it is advisable to have one contact information mentioned for the brands to reach out to you in case you miss their direct messages.

  • Access to Creator Studio

    The major advantage of the Instagram creator account discussed earlier was explicit analytics. You can access your analytics to create a studio via desktop.
    Creator Studio has a desktop dashboard that can give you a detailed insight of each post, story, content you publish. It is almost similar to what you see in the app, it’s just easily accessible through desktop, and it does not require any third-party tool.

  • Create a Shoppable Post with Brand Partners

    Influencers can create branded content that can have a shoppable link tag on the post for easy access to that product for the audience. It is currently available for only a few selected influences, but it is an advantage for both brands and influencers to drive sales. Also, it is a step closer to make your audience more connected to you as an influencer.

  • Advantage to Brands

    Influencers can now have detailed analytics that will help brands to find genuine influencers. With a broader perspective of what audiences look for, it will help brands select the influencers having their target audience as followers. At the same time, brands can cover the untapped audience segment via genuine influencers.

It will also be convenient for influencers to share analytics with the brands. Earlier the unverified influences were only able to share screenshots of data like engagement. Now brands can undoubtedly contact influencers to work with them whom the brands find the most suited and aligned to their brand essence and carry forward their story to their followers.