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Key Factors In Designing A Logo

A logo is the first step to creating a brand identity. You recognize huge brands by their logos. For example, the Nike swoosh on footwear is enough to know that you are wearing Nike shoes. The McDonald’s arched M can be spotted from far away when travelling on highways.

Creating great logos require a lot of logic along with creativity. Here are some of the things you can keep in mind while designing the next logo.

Start with a rough sketch

Create a rough skeletal of how the logo should look like. This can be done on a sheet of paper with the help of a pencil. Your ideation process starts to take shape here. Once you are clear on the shape, appeal and structure of the logo you can go on to designing it on a computer using sophisticated software.

Balance is the key

The placement of elements in graphic design gives it a balance. Careful usage of these elements enhance the visual appeal of a logo and provides it with visual weight. The right way to achieve balance is by drawing a straight line in the centre of the design and distribute weight evenly.

Test the size

Always test the size of the logo once designed. For example, there are certain times when a logo printed on a letterhead in small size is hardly visible in the hard copy. This is not a well-designed logo. The logo should be legible when stretched as well as when reduced in size.

Sophisticated styling

A logo should not look gaudy. It should look classy and sophisticated. This can be achieved using the right shades, gradients or drop shadows. Avoid colors that are too bright for the eyes. Learn to use color palette to your advantage by using colors near to the color wheel. For red, yellow and orange can be used together to create a warm palette.

Stress on originality

It is very important that your logo stands out from others. For that, a graphic designer should ensure the logo is made using fresh thinking, creativity and techniques. It should not even slightly resemble a competitor’s logo.

Understand the company

The above tips are very important for a graphic designer for designing a logo but even before the first sketch is prepared a graphic designer should understand the purpose behind creating the logo. For this, it is imperative that he understands the business of the company that has requested the logo. The logo is a representation of the business and it can only be designed once the graphic designer knows what the business is all about.

Keep it simple

Lastly, always keep the design very simple. Everyone appreciates simplicity. A logo will be used all over for branding on promotional items, letterheads, billboards, TV advertisement etc. The simpler the design, the easier it is to remember the logo. Simple logos can get etched in the memory of consumers faster.

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