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Latest Video Animation Trends 2020

Video animation and motion graphics can make any story come alive. The art of moving an object through animation is so amazing that it opens up the possibilities of telling the same story in many different ways. In fact, some people say that “Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” Others simply define it as a simulation of movement through a series of pictures and frames with the help of computers. Cartoon films are a great example of animation.

However, we have really come of age from the days of simple cartoon films. Today there are very advanced techniques and technologies available in the market for animation. The sophisticated software which can blur the difference between realism and illusion. You can bring in elements in your video which do not even exist. Sci-fi movies are a fine example of how these animation and motion graphic techniques are changing the scene of animation altogether.

Types of animation

There are various types of animation techniques that one can learn and apply. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Stop Motion Animation: This is a very interesting but time-consuming form of animation where objects are manipulated frame-by-frame to create movement. You can use paper cut-outs, clay, or any object for this type of animation.
  • 2D Character Animation: This type of animation is created using computer programs like Flash, TV Paint, Cell Action etc
  • Motion Graphics: This animation creates an illusion of movement or motion with the help of computer-generated imagery.
  • Traditional Animation: In this process, hand-drawn pictures are animated using the software. This is the old way of doing animation and is very time-consuming.

A lot of these techniques are offered by video editing service providers. But to choose the right one for your product or service is a critical decision. Couple this with so many new trends in video animation that come up every year.  How can one be sure the video produced is not just meaningful but also made with the latest trends and techniques? For that one should be aware of what is trending in the market. We bring you some of the trends that are hot in the market in 2020. Have a look.

Isometric shapes

Usage of isometric shapes and icons in animation is a popular trend these days. Simply put, it is the art of presenting 3D objects in two dimensions. The most common usage of this technique is found in animating icons. This technique enhances the shape of flat icons, gives it depth and yet keeps the design extremely simple.

Typography play

Animated typefaces never go out of fashion. They are so eye-catching and there is so much scope of innovation in the way you can play with words literally here! While animating words, animators generally type a message or some keywords and use different controllers to give these words different shapes and movements.


Animators play with special effects between the movement of frames. This gives rise to various techniques in transition like morphic, moving background shapes while keeping foreground image static, adding effects to the movement like fade-away effect, slow-start effect etc.


This particular trend has opened up the flood-gates of imagination in the animation industry. Surrealism is about portraying a real 3D object on the screen that otherwise may not exist. For example, a soap bubble that never bursts or puppets that can speak etc.

2D animation

This is the method of moving 2D objects in rapid sequences to create an illusion of motion of the 3D object. These objects can be created by hand-drawing. This is a low-cost animation technique and is still in trend because of its ability to generate faster results in a smaller budget.

While we have briefly described the current trends in animation here, we would suggest you do not follow any trend blindly. Decide the purpose of the animation, take help of a professional video editing service provider to understand the pros and cons of using each trend and then decide which one to go for.

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