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In our last blog, we discussed “what is Instagram’s new feature Reels”, and can it be a replacement for Tiktok. We also discussed the elementary usage difference of these in all three Instagram accounts.

Now we will be analyzing reels from the marketer’s perspective and how it can be used to create branded content.

Although reels have been launched in 50 countries after the trial run in Brazil, it is still under development. It means that reels can come up with new features to become more user friendly.

Reels are much more interactive, innovative, and offers several benefits than Tiktok. Also, for brands looking for an interactive platform to engage with customers, this is a clear win-win situation with Instagram reels.

Instagram reels for business:

  1. To optimize marketing and branding ventures
  2. Short video content for generation-z
  3. Extend branded content avenues
  4. Using the platform to the most for making original content
  • To Optimise Marketing and Branding Ventures

    Reels is very simple and user friendly. Having an inbuilt video editing interface enables you to share short-form content in no time. You don’t need to burn hours to learn how to edit videos, unlike Tik Tok. Talking about editing Instagram reels has again, an upper hand in terms of the music library. Instagram reels allow brands to use licensed music to make branded content much more entertaining and engaging for the audience.

    Another interesting usability feature of reels is there no caption limit and no tag limit. Yes, you heard it right. You can add all the crucial details and tag as many brand pages as you want for better reach, and all these page tags will be clickable, making it easier for customers to reach in just one click.

    The potential of reels to reach your targeted segment is much greater than Tiktok. The quality of the content is opulent and relevant. It is user friendly in all ways – for content creators, business, and content consumers. The content quality of reels consumed by the end-user is entirely based on past searches and not just random content, valuing the time and taste of the end-user. It will not be wrong to call Instagram Reels as Limitless Reels when it comes to Content Optimisation.


  • Short Video Content for Generation-Z

    Instagram is a platform of diversity. Just suited for India’s diverse culture and creed. In a survey, it was found that Instagram has an audience with 72% of them are aged between 13 to 17, 67% are between 18 to 29, and 47% are from 30 to 49 age group. So it would not be wrong to say that it is a platform of millennials and generation Z. These content consumers can be anyone, working in offices, can be at home, or even at a sports club. And we marketers cannot ignore them because one way or the other, they have the buying capacity with their huge disposable income.

    Generation-Z or the Millennials may or may not be your target segment, but these are definitely or potential buyers. So it is important to make content keeping generation Z in your mind and reels are the best way to target them, As millennials or generation Z does not want to spend a lot of time on a single content.


  • Extend Branded Content Avenues

    Use the power of UGC or mentioned earlier user-generated content to create Reels. Since a lot of Tik Tok creators and influencers have already jumped to Instagram, You can reach out to them to create branded content for better reach. Brands have a choice here in terms of choosing between the Instagram influencers and Tik Tok creators as both of them may have different audience bases.

    Apart from influencers, UGC can also be applied to the end users. Brands can run a contest for the audience to make entries using reels and their products. This can be a really interesting platform to use and interact with your customer and get to know their needs and demands. You can start a campaign asking what changes do the consumers want to see in the existing products.


  • Using the Platform to the Most for Making Original Content

    With reels, you can create unique content every time. You can use it for launching a new product, having new discount offers, usage for a product, testimonials from end-users, behind the scenes of making branded videos, it all depends on your creativity and how far you can take it. You can make anything to everything from short video content to enhance your audience engagement.

    Whatever you do on this platform, make sure you stick to your identity and speak what you stand for. Be strong, Be original, Be yourself – this is what Instagram Reels is all about.


These four user-friendly interfaces enable you to come up with enlarged marketing and branding strategies. Reels are going to boost up your audience engagement but make sure that you are putting up original and unique content and say no to repetitions.

The reel has got a large user base and massive reach to the target market. You can touch the untapped segment and use it for brand awareness. Start now, as being in the introduction phase, Instagram Reels are going to come up with more interactive and more interphase additions to make it more user friendly.