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Motion Graphics Vs 2D Animation Vs 3D Animation – Which Is Best For Your Business?

An entrepreneur often knows what is good for his business. When it comes to macro-management of a business, you can quickly pick what goes into your basket of execution. But when it comes to micromanagement and selection of areas that are good for your business, one needs to dive a little deeper into the topic to unearth the right facts that enable a person to take calculated business decision.

Take for example the simple case of selection of an animation process to market your business. There are so many options and methods of animation alone that it can get very taxing for an entrepreneur to understand each method to see what works best for his organisation. In such cases, engagement and partnership with a graphic design service provider serve well. A graphic design service solution will enable you to not just select the right form of technique and medium of communication but also save a lot of resources and time of an entrepreneur who has many other business-critical functions to perform. In this article, we are focussing on understanding which type of animation works well for a business.

Understand three forms of animations – motions graphics, 2D animation and 3D animation

Motion Graphics

In simple words motions, graphics is a collection of moving pictures. You add a little drama to the whole movie through background score, audio bytes or multimedia. So if you are looking to explain a complex topic in a simple way where the audience can watch interesting visuals and at the same time read some information on the screen then go for motion graphics. Motions graphics can be used in presentations and business pitches as well. They keep the audiences engaged and interested in the topic.

2 D Animation

Movement of pictures in a two-dimensional space is called 2D animation. You must have seen these type of animations in cartoon films. If you are looking building a character that depicts your brand then go for 2D animation. 2D animation is also very useful to add some humour in the message. You can use 2D animation to add a little cartoony and funny tone to your messages to ensure they resonate well with your customers.

3D animation

If you are looking for a slightly advanced version of a 2D animation then go for 3D animation. Moving objects in three-dimensional space look very real. These are generally used in gaming and virtual reality world. They are also sometimes used to enhance business presentations. Another example where 3D animation can be put to great use is architectural designs to show the interior and exterior of projects.

While we have tried to demystify the areas of different animations and their uses for your business, we would still recommend getting in touch with an expert in the field to ensure you choose and execute the right form of animation for your business. In case you are looking for a trusted name in this field then get in touch with WebSocl. Visit their website to know their offers and services in this area.