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The strike of COVID-19 on our lives has been oppressively demanding that it made us find alternatives and forced us to change our lifestyle.

For that matter, businesses are facing some major challenges. One of them is executing Marketing Communication Strategies. So, now it is the right time to turn the tables and use the power of Social Media in communicating with the customers in a very similar way as we do with our peer group. The role of Social Media in marketing has evolved over the years, from maintaining a page just for the sake of it to the handiest mode of communication. Now and then, social media has surprised us with new features and helped businesses to come up with some intriguing marketing ideas.

Social Media is a platform that empowers everyone to share, express, have opinions, execute ideas to market themselves. From the person sharing the idea to the consumer buying the product or service, every single person in that chain becomes a part of the marketing department.

Marketing is all about connecting the customers and the business. It’s about creating a bond with all the offers, the storyline, and the product or service. This is where social media comes in light, but the question is what role should it play in the marketing strategy?

The marketers can elaborate on this role with a formula G.R.I.P. of Social Media.

  • Give a Human Touch
    Customers can become too emotional about the products they use and the brands they purchase even if the brand has lost quality or if the brand has launched a new product line, the customer will give it a try. It is similar to the way they are connected to their peer group, family members, friend circle. They share everything they like, dislike, opinions, thoughts, etc, like word-of-mouth. Similarly, social media have become a kind of virtual word-of-mouth for marketing. Audience share what they like with the people they are connected with on their social media platforms.Being human nature to share things, social media can be used by the customers to spread the word, and we can actually through statistics know how many people we have reached.
  • Relationship Building
    By customers sharing on social media they help us build relationships with their network and forward the chain. With this, the brand earns customer loyalty and can even create repeat-buyers. Social media enables the brand to reach those audiences as well who may, by the way not even hear about the brand. At the same time, brands need to understand that relationships are not built in one day, so the storytelling part should not be skipped. This will lead the foundation of trusting the brand, having loyalty towards the brand, and maintaining a relationship with the brand.The relationship-building process has to be a two-way thing but the bigger person (in this case the brand) needs to take all the initiatives and let the customer loyalty do the talking.
  • Identity Building
    The customer-brand relationship is built, now the brand needs to give this relationship identity and built individual identity as well. Businesses need to communicate to their target market about who they are, what they do, what their products/services are about, and let the consumers talk about their experience and journey with the brand. At the same time, the brand needs to make this information accessible to the customers all the time to keep them interested. This information building will develop a personality about the brand from scratch and how the customers have been loyal to them throughout.Identity building is a long road to go, setting up short term objectives with a few challenges to face and then ultimately achieving the goal.
  • Personal Chatbots
    Social media chats are very interesting and can be used as chatbots for customer support. This will give it a human touch and will not irritate away the consumers with those robotic replies. The brands will have a guideline set for that but will help the customer with some satisfying solutions. Even if the consumer wants to give some feedback, need some improvement in the product or service, suggest some new product ideas or even some improvement in the website, all of these can be adhered to on these messaging features.Having the consumers talk to the brand on social media chats is the last step of relationship building, as this step includes transparency. Attaining this will not only create repeat buyers but also take us to the level where customers are emotional about the product and services they consume.

Power of Social Media

Although Social Media can affect businesses in a great manner, it requires consistency. If we have not planned out the entire map, then don’t go fo it cause being inconsistent will reflect in brand identity and will affect the brand personality. Also, social media should not be the only mode of communication, it has to be accompanied by other mediums of marketing as well. We need to make sure that the entire plan of action is conversational and relaxed, and not forced on the end-users.

Social media should be a part of the daily marketing plan to keep the momentum and keep the consumers informed about the offers, deals, addition in the product line, etc on a real-time basis. Along with this, brands need to strategize other communication tool synchronized with social media to maintain the sanctity of the brand and to keep it related to every eye that crosses it. This will not only help in creating repeat-buyers but will also lead to customer loyalty. This tool is so diversified that it can be used in whatever way the brand wants it too.