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Colour Psychology in Logo Design & Branding Explained
One of the most crucial factors in logo design and branding is the color that is used. There are a number of graphic elements that every graphic design service agency uses, but color happens to be an essential one to convey an emotion or feeling. Also, each color is associated with plenty of different meanings...
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What Are The Attributes Of A Good Logo?
Your logos define who you are; they are an identity which people perceive of you. Made with the use of different stylized images, fonts, and symbols, logos define you, your company, or your product. A logo is a thing that connects you with your customers. With so many logos out there in the market, what...
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Infographic Design Trends For 2020
The world today has no shortage of talent or creativity. There are newer trends and technologies in the market from time to time. This is actually, what keeps the market young, growing, and exciting. In 2020 as well, the world of graphic design has something new to offer; something bold, creative, and highly attractive. Thus,...
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How To Design the Best Logo for your Brand
A logo gives a company its identity and is one of the essential elements of branding. Having a perfectly designed logo is important and can have a make or break impact on your brand’s identity. Perhaps that is the reason we can see a lot of companies changing and updating their logos in order to...
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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends 2020
Everyone is following a trend. As they say, “being trendy seems like the next trend”! This is true especially in industries like fashion and design. We have to agree that trends keep us relevant, trends keep us young, trends help us to connect with others and they speak a lot about a particular person or a product....
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Top 10 Tips To Work Successfully With A Graphic Design Firm
Imagine this, you are a small or medium-sized enterprise trying to make your mark in the market. The competition is tough, the consumer demands are ruthless and the challenges of running a business are plenty. In such a scenario you definitely need more capable hands and minds at the job to ensure that your business...
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Top 10 Tips To Use Typography In Your Design
Graphic designing has evolved over a period of time. Just drawing pretty shapes is not enough. The marketers want to have meaningful conversations with their target audience through every design. While a picture does speak a thousand words, the real magic lies in using real words or typography. Typography is the art of using letters...
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How to Build a Graphic Design Portfolio
In any creative field, one look at your work can make or break your career. A person may just glance your portfolio for a few seconds and decide whether you fit the bill or not. The graphic design field is no different. Being an immensely creative field it puts pressure on the graphic designers to...
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Graphic Design Terms That Most Designers Get Wrong
Graphic designers often goof-up with designing jargons. Similar sounding words may mean completely different things. So it is advisable to use the right words to describe a particular graphic design element correctly. The reasons why it is so necessary to use the right words at the right place is because: It does not look professional....
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Color Palette Matters For Your Brand
Usage of colours in communication is a very old practice. Humans have been conditioned to not just see colors but feel them too. That is where the phrases like “I see red” or “Monday blues” or “Let’s paint the town red” must have originated. We think colours, we feel them and we connect with them...
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