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logo design
Colour Psychology in Logo Design & Branding Explained
One of the most crucial factors in logo design and branding is the color that is used. There are a number of graphic elements that every graphic design service agency uses, but color happens to be an essential one to convey an emotion or feeling. Also, each color is associated with plenty of different meanings...
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What Are The Attributes Of A Good Logo?
Your logos define who you are; they are an identity which people perceive of you. Made with the use of different stylized images, fonts, and symbols, logos define you, your company, or your product. A logo is a thing that connects you with your customers. With so many logos out there in the market, what...
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Logo Design Trends & Inspiration
In marketing, a logo is often defined as a graphic design that a company uses as an identification symbol for a product or a brand. It is almost a substitute for a company name. A logo is what sets your company apart from others. It gives your company an identity and enables brand recognition. A...
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Key Factors In Designing A Logo
A logo is the first step to creating a brand identity. You recognize huge brands by their logos. For example, the Nike swoosh on footwear is enough to know that you are wearing Nike shoes. The McDonald’s arched M can be spotted from far away when travelling on highways. Creating great logos require a lot...
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