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marketing and branding
Colour Psychology In Marketing And Branding
Marketing and branding are key to business. A lot of marketing starts with content curation and designing. Here, color is an emotional and important trigger. Colors can help you stand out and deliver a message the right way. That is because each hue evokes an emotion that the audience can relate to. If you have...
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Promotional Product
Promotional products are branded merchandises that carry information about your company and are given for free to customers. Some of the examples of promotional products could be a pen, a tote bag, a cap or a shirt branded with company details. A lot of people may question what a simple promotional gift do to a...
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Promotional Products
A promotional product can be a gift, award, premium, prize or any commemorative giveaway. The products are widely used across industries right from manufacturing to consultancy, from agriculture to technology and so on. Promotional products are considered an excellent resource of corporate branding by marketers worldwide. As per PPAI, nearly 7 in 10 brands consider...
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