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Graphic Design Terms That Most Designers Get Wrong
Graphic designers often goof-up with designing jargons. Similar sounding words may mean completely different things. So it is advisable to use the right words to describe a particular graphic design element correctly. The reasons why it is so necessary to use the right words at the right place is because: It does not look professional....
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Color Palette Matters For Your Brand
Usage of colours in communication is a very old practice. Humans have been conditioned to not just see colors but feel them too. That is where the phrases like “I see red” or “Monday blues” or “Let’s paint the town red” must have originated. We think colours, we feel them and we connect with them...
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Graphic Design In Marketing
We all know that graphics designing is an integral part of marketing. Every product or service that has to be sold, needs a medium to reach out to the target audience and a relevant picture or video to explain the details of the product or service. Here is where graphic design plays a major role....
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Top 6 Design Rules You Should Never Break
Graphic design service is a creative field. So we thought there can be no better way to get today’s inspiration from anyone but the legendary artist himself – Pablo Picasso. He once said, “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist”. So here we are with the six...
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A Graphic Design Studio
A graphic design studio is a place where professional graphic designers work on conceptualization, development and designing of various graphic designs for specific clients’ products and services. The most important pillar of a graphic design service provider’s studio are a robust business model and skilled employees that offer value-driven creative services. Being a service industry,...
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