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The Importance Of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a world full of colors and shades. Here, we are not just talking about the threads. We are talking about the technique. Yes, digitizing embroidery service has many shades to it. Digitizing embroidery is a little bit of art, a lot of science, a mix of technology, a combination of techniques and a lot of logic.

It may sound a little complicated but the crux of digitizing embroidery lies in making things simpler. It allows a person to embroider beautiful patterns and motifs on any cloth and material. The process involves:

  • Preparation of artwork (a high-resolution jpeg)
  • Loading the artwork on the digital embroidery machine
  • Using the machine to convert the artwork into stitches on the cloth.

Importance of digitizing embroidery

Let us try to see why today a lot of companies are riding the digital wave and converting embroidery art into digitized embroidery.

  • One of the main reasons for using digitized embroidery software is saving of time. The machines do the job of embroidery within minutes compared to days of work of embroidery done by human hands.
  • Another big reason for the popularity of this service is volume. You can generate huge quantities of bulk orders with the help of embroidery machines. Increasing your volume is imperative of any business. Embroidery machines can take a load of big orders easily compared to hand-made stuff.
  • The third reason is the final outcome. The final outcome of the embroidered piece is far superior in quality. Embroidery service providers have stringent processes in place to check every piece before delivery.
  • Another very big advantage of using digitized embroidery services is collective wisdom. An embroidery service provider generally has a team of designers, artists, quality supervisors etc who collectively ensure you get the best pieces. Not just that, they can also advise you on what is trending in the market, what do consumers prefer etc.
  • Infrastructure wise too a company can benefit by partnering with a digitizing embroidery service. Setting up a digital embroidery machine, installing software and hiring good designers take up a lot of resources. When you work with a reputed and professional digitizing embroidery service provider these things are taken care. You free up a lot of capital expenditure that your would have otherwise spent on setting up the infrastructure.

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