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The Importance Of Using Branded Promotional Items

Advertising specialities or branded custom promotional products have been popular marketing tools for many years. Then the question is why are we debating its importance today? That is because, in the advent of so many new age marketing tools like social media, SEO marketing, and other digital marketing methods, you may start to think if it makes sense to use the age-old promotional products.

While it is true that today digital marketing forms an important part of the marketing mix, still the statistics are in favour of promotional products. In fact, as per a few surveys, promotional products have the highest recall value and a very low cost per impression.

Promotional Product an inevitable part of your marketing plan

  • Reach potential customers: Lead generation or reaching your potential customer is a very difficult yet important aspect of any marketing campaign. Promotional products are given away in a trade show or as a freebie help in lead generation. These work well both offline as well as online. For instance, marketers offer free research findings on their website and request customers to fill an information form. This is how they get the leads of those who are actually interested in their products and therefore have higher chances of conversion.
  • Helps to see and remember your brand: Research findings suggest that promotional products are retained and used by the customers for many months. This means they see your name and logo every time they use it. That makes the brand recall value of a promotional product very high.
  • Replaces a business card: Business cards are passé and more often than not find their place in a dustbin. Promotional products are a good way to replace business cards. Print your name and logo, email id or contact number on the advertisement specialities and get going. The customer will read it every time he uses it and might contact you very soon.
  • Helps in brand recognition: Brand awareness and recognition are obvious outcomes of using a promotional product. Select your product carefully. It speaks a lot about your brand. For example, a digital company offering a pen drive as a promotional product will make a lot of sense that the same company giving out picnic mats as promo products.
  • Creates brand ambassadors: Remember, every promotional product is an opportunity to create one good brand ambassador. Choose your customers carefully. Hand over the promotional products to the right target audience. Make sure you have all the right information on the product so that the user remembers you, knows about you and can try to find more information about yours. For eg, giving a website address on the promotional product may help your users to research more about your company, buy your product and become a loyal customer.

So next time you are planning your marketing campaign, remember, the success of the campaign depends on choosing the right promotional product from WebSocl.