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The Power Of Promotional Writing Instruments

In this digital era, you might think that the popularity of writing instruments and its usage has gone down. But that is not true. Studies show that writing instruments are still the favourite of consumers and marketers alike. While the sale of digital gadgets has gone up, the demand for writing instruments like pen, notepads, markers, pencils etc has also soared.

As per the Advertising Specialty Institute, 50% of the U.S. consumers own promotional writing instrument products. Writing instruments are one of the top five promotional products owned by recipients in the U.S.

What makes them so popular? Let us see:

  • Universal appeal: Writing instruments like pens, notebooks, highlighters etc have a universal appeal. For instance, a pen is used by a school going child, a high school student, a CEO or a homemaker. People of all age, gender and demographics use writing instruments several times in a day. That makes it a preferred choice of promotional product for many.
  • High functionality: The usage and functionality of writing instruments can hardly be debated. A person may use writing instruments more than once in a day. More usage means more brand recall value. Also, people like to retain things they use for a longer duration.
  • Easy to handle: If you look at writing instruments from the perspective of handling and shipping then they offer a lot of ease and convenience. That is due to their light weight and size. Also from a recipient’s perspective, it is easy to carry in pocket or handbag.
  • Light on pocket: Budget is a big constraint when it comes to selecting the right promotional product. Pens, pencils etc are very light on your pocket. You can easily put your company name and logo on them and you have a wonderful promotional product ready to go.
  • A positive perception: A major objective of a branding initiative is to create a positive perception of the company. Writing instruments have a very positive image because they are mostly related to academics and learning. Gifting a writing instrument portrays your company as being positive and serious about your business.
  • Loaded with features: Makers are coming up with several variations in pens and other writing instruments. For instance, some of the companies have launched pens with flashlights. There are companies which try to make pens multifunctional by combining it with phone holders. Sometimes they have dual usages like a pen and a stylus. Some even can be used as screen cleaners. A perfect blend of digital and offline usage.

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