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The State Of Artificial Intelligence In 2020

The State Of AI Report for 2020 is out, and it provides a clear indication of the exponential growth of AI and how it has progressed in the past 12 months. The most exciting developments and implications were also included. This report will be an excellent indication for an artificial intelligence agency in California to formulate strategies and developments as per the report. What does the ‘State of AI’ report talk about? How is it going to impact society? Here is everything that you need to know about the ‘State of AI’ report for 2020.

What is this report?

The report is basically a collection of the new and most exciting things that happened in AI. With the report, one can find out the progress made in the past 12 months and focus more on these developments. Moreover, what will be the implications of AI for the future and the current state of AI are also discussed.

Who is responsible for making this report?

The report is compiled after taking experts’ pieces of advice and suggestions. Some of the most renowned figures such as lead of Keras Deep Learning Framework and Google AI Researcher François Chollet and AI thought leader and VC Kai-Fe Lee. Even the Facebook AI Researcher Sebastian Riedel is also behind this. Many more figures have contributed to the ‘State of AI’ report for 2020.

What are the main dimensions of this report?

So, what does the report talk about? How is it beneficial for artificial intelligence service USA? The ‘State of AI’ report talks about five key points.

  • Research

How with research, there will be more and more technology breakthroughs and what are their capabilities.

  • Industry

Here, the report mentions the large platforms, areas of application for an AI-driven future, and financing.

  • Talent

The report also mentions that supply and demand of the talent that is currently working in the field of AI. Even the concentration is mentioned.

  • Politics

The report also mentions the public opinion of AI along with emerging geopolitics. Even the economic implications of AI are mentioned.

  • China

China has a separate AI category due to the existence of two distinct internets in the nations.

How reliable are the predictions?

The report initially mentions the predictions made for the year 2018 and how accurate were those. As per artificial intelligence agency in California, the predictions were mostly accurate. Moreover, the current report had evidence to prove it. But, there was still about 50 percent of the predictions that were false.

The race for adoption

AI is one of the fastest-growing technologies worldwide. The paradigm shift is real, and it is happening at a rapid pace. Plenty of artificial intelligence services USA are adapting to AI and developing new strategies.

  • The adoption of AI has tripled over the past 12 months. Almost one in every seven large artificial intelligence agency in California and around the world has adopted AI. In the current year, AI ‘crosses the chasm’ from early adopters, and now it is an early majority.
  • There are plenty of expectations attached to AI, as well. Many executives around the world are expecting AI to leave a greater impact than any other upcoming technology.
  • China is in the lead when it comes to AI adoption. Almost double of the enterprises of Asia has adopted AI compared to the companies in North America. This mainly because of government engagement, fewer legacy assets, and a data advantage.

The ‘State of AI’ report for 2020 has a lot of predictions and new trends in place when it comes to AI. Many artificial intelligence service USA are adopting AI, and it is definitely changing the trend worldwide. Is your artificial intelligence agency in California one of those? Shift to AI to get better and more effective results.