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Top 5 Advantages Of Using Promotional Products For Marketing & Branding

A promotional product can be a gift, award, premium, prize or any commemorative giveaway. The products are widely used across industries right from manufacturing to consultancy, from agriculture to technology and so on. Promotional products are considered an excellent resource of corporate branding by marketers worldwide. As per PPAI, nearly 7 in 10 brands consider promotional products as an effective marketing strategy. There are a number of reasons why promotional products are a favourite of all brand managers. We discuss a few of them here:

  1. Brand recall: Around 9 in 10 people who receive a promotional product recall the branding. That is a very high percentage of brand recall and beats many other marketing mediums.
  2. Customer loyalty: As per statistics, 82% of people receiving a promo product carry a more positive perception of the company. And a positive perception leads to higher brand usage and loyalty.
  3. Variety: There is immense variety in promotional products category more than any other advertisement medium. There can be hundreds of variations of a mug, a pen or any other low cost, high usage product. The usability is only limited by your creativity and imagination when it comes to promotional products.
  4. Lead gen and sales: Around 83% of people who are offered promotional items are more likely to do business with the brand. Companies are making the most of this amazing benefit of using a promotional product. A lot of times companies offer free referral programmes to spread the word about the company and get more people to join them. Digital gifts that bring customers to the company’s landing page is another smart way to generate a lead.
  5. Cost effective: Promotional products are considered very cost effective due to their success rate, return on investment and a variety of low-cost options.

Now that you know the benefits of using promotional products in marketing, it is important to also highlight some other crucial elements when using these products:

  • Target market: A product should be designed keeping the target audience in mind. Are you targeting the millennials, the Gen Xers or the baby boomers will make a huge difference in the product you choose to offer? A reputed promo product company will give you insights on what works well with a particular target audience.
  • Quality of product: This is an extremely important point to keep in mind. A quality product will create a positive an impression of the company on the customers. A gift that breaks before it reaches its place is a waste of money, time and resources.
  • Repeat exposure: Giving a promotional gift just once is not enough. You have to repeat the exposure after a few months or at least once in a year to keep the brand recall fresh.

Select a promotional product company that can offer you insights and advice on the above and become your true partner in the marketing journey. You can get in touch with WebSocl if you are looking to start your journey of promotional products. We are there to help you out.