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Top 5 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

In marketing, a logo is often defined as a graphic design that a company uses as an identification symbol for a product or a brand. It is almost a substitute for a company name. A logo is what sets your company apart from others. It gives your company an identity and enables brand recognition.

A logo defines your company’s true identity and sometimes even character. For example, you must have noticed a lot of detailing on logos on food company. That is because people would like to know more about the product and company before they consume it. Like the year of establishment of a brewery, or the speciality of a coffee chain etc.

As the logo is the first step of creating brand recognition, a lot of companies want to invest time and resources in getting the logo design right. It always makes sense to check out the latest trends in logo designs before creating your own logo. Here are a few design trends that we would like to share with you before you start your branding journey.

  1. Minimalistic logos: A logo which has a simple design with minimum design elements and a simple font style falls under the category of a minimalistic logo. A great example is the Google logo. A lot of tech companies opt for minimalistic design because the logo is easy to load on the internet and is also mobile screen friendly.
  1. Using negative space: This is a very interesting logo design trend where creative graphic designers very smartly use the negative spaces to create depth and duality. The World Wide Fund (WWF) logo is a good example of negative space logo.
  1. Geometric designs: If your like grids and lines, go for a geometric logo. Geometric designs are a big hit this year both in logos and in graphic design trends in general as mentioned in our earlier article. Here is a tip, try to add a few curves to break the seriousness of geometric patterns. Also, play with softer hues to make the logos warm and welcoming.
  1. Overlapping designs: If you want to create a visually dynamic logo, go for an overlapping design in your logo. The overlapping adds a third element to the design and presents beautiful blends of colours.
  1. Optical illusion: Just like optical illusion is a new trend in graphic design, it is also a popular trend in logo design. Play with logo perspectives by bending, wrapping or fragmenting visual elements.

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