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Graphic design service is a creative field. So we thought there can be no better way to get today’s inspiration from anyone but the legendary artist himself – Pablo Picasso. He once said, “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist”. So here we are with the six golden rules of graphic design that you should know before your craft your next masterpiece.

A lot of these rules revolve around text used in a design, knowledge of color palette and the application of design. Let us try to understand what are they:

Rules of Using text

Creative graphic design is as much a work of art as it is a piece of advertisement. A lot of graphic designs are used as marketing collaterals to push sales or create awareness of a product or a service. This involves the use of text in the design to a large extent. Though we understand that a picture speaks a thousand words but you still have to communicate your message in as many words to your target audience. And you can only do that with the help of text. That is why it is very important to know the rules of the game when using text in your creative graphic design. These are fairly simple rules:

  • Spacing in words: Take care of the space you leave between words. These spaces should be evenly distributed to enable readability.
  • Kerning of letters: This rule also deals with the spacing characteristic of a text. Kerning is spacing between the letters. This makes your design visually in order and legible.
  • Alignment: There are four basic types of alignment of texts – left, centre, right and justified. Selection of the type of alignment depends on the target audience and purpose. An invitation is generally centre aligned while a magazine article is most of the times left aligned.
  • Remove widows and orphans: This is a very interesting rule. You must have often noticed that while aligning text, a word comes on the next line ( referred to as orphan word) or sometimes a few words from a sentence move to next column ( called widow text). Dealing with widows and orphans is important to make your design look professional and polished.
  • Use fewer font types: Many times graphic designers are tempted to use a variety of fonts for impact in a single design. This is not a good idea at all. Use fewer font types to keep your work legible, simple and classy.
  • Do not stretch your fonts: If you want your text to look slightly taller or wider please use a wider font type instead of stretching a font. Stretching distorts the shape and proportion of font and makes your design of inferior quality.

Put the target audience at the centre of your design

We know that designing is a form of art and a lot of people may argue that an artwork may not always have a meaning.  But this is not true in case of graphic design service. You have to keep the target audience and the purpose of the design at the centre while working on your project. Imagine that as a designer you love black and white colors use in an artwork. But you are designing a child’s birthday invitation card. Can you still use only black and white? No. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and you will know exactly what colors and fonts to use.

Know your colour palette

That brings us to a very important rule of using the right colors. Some of the basic mistakes designers make is using color discord that means using two widely separated colours in a color wheel together. In addition to understanding the colour wheel, it is important to understand the theory and what each color denotes. For eg yellow and orange go well with food menus, green is good for environment-related collaterals and red is a very passionate color. Use them smartly in your design and see how your artwork transforms from a piece of creative art to a wonderful marketing tool.

Embrace white space

Do not try to fill in too many details in design. Let there be more white space so that there is enough focus on the central piece or the main character of your design. Too much clutter puts the audience off and they do not register the most important message conveyed in the design. The message is lost, you waste a lot of time putting too many elements and the design itself does not look beautiful. So it’s a total loss of effort, time and money. Contrary to that, working with white space is easy, makes business sense and helps you create a professional piece of work.

Think application before designing

This is a very important point to remember when working on creative graphic design. Imagine you are designing the pages of a magazine. It is so important to know the concept of gutter spaces so that you align and manage your text accordingly. Similarly, if you are designing a greeting card, it is important to know the occasion for which you are making the card.  Else you will end up putting the wrong design element in it. The purpose, the application and the usage of the card is central to your design. Ask for these details in case they are not shared with you to make sure you do not have to rework on your design too much.

Keep it simple

And lastly, remember to keep it simple. This rule looks easy but most of the designers find it difficult to follow. As they say, “The most complicated thing is to be simple”. Holds true in graphic designing service too.  But you can learn the skill of simplicity by not using too many effects in your design. Know where to stop while working on the design.

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