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Top 7 Graphic Design Trends In 2020

Here are what we think the top 7 graphic design trends of 2020. Have a look:

  1. 3 D designs: There was a time when 3 D designs were used more for visualization purposes. No more. 3D designs are the new trend this year and are getting more attention of designers and consumers alike. What makes it versatile is that it can be applied to both, text and images.  You can further enhance its impact by applying augmented reality and virtual reality to it.
  2. Black and white typography: If you are looking at adding a bit of drama to your design then there is no better way than using black and white typography in your design. The high contrast of black and white color combined with sharp look rendered by a variety of typefaces make an art piece extremely interesting.
  3. Geometric shapes: There is a lot you can do with irregular shapes and patterns. Random placement of geometric shapes in a variety of colors and sizes adds a touch of modern art to graphic design. This style of design renders a modern look to an artwork. It can be easily combined with a retro look, a gradient color scheme, typography or simple line strokes. There is a lot you can do with geometric shapes and the scope of experimentation is only limited by your creativity.
  4. Gradients and color transitions: Blending colors is the new trend while usage of flat color is out. This trend is rooted in the way we see nature. Everything around us has a blend of colors or gradients as we call them. The sunsetting sky, the green foliage, the cool blues of water, we see a gradient of colors everywhere. Then why not use it in our graphic design too? Just by introducing gradient in your logo or design, you can give it a fresh and trendy look.
  5. Serif typeface: Serif fonts are those fonts that do not have a line at the end of a letter. Designers consider serif fonts as classy. Gone are the days of using bold and complicated typography. The new trend is to use minimalistic designs and typefaces that are simple yet powerful just like serif fonts.
  6. Metals: If you are working on a brand that exemplifies luxury then you have to use metallic colors and fonts in your graphic design. Contrary to this, a lot of designers use metallic look for products that are rustic and crude in nature. That makes metallic texture extremely versatile and popular in 2020.
  7. Animated logos: A movement of any kind always catches the eye. So why keep still when you can animate a design? With the advent of sophisticated digital technologies, it has become extremely easy to create animated graphics. You can expect to see a lot of experimentation around this trend in 2020 in logos and other artworks.

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