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Top Advantages Of Using Animation In Your Business

We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words but let me tell you, a video works even better. The numbers shared by YouTube about the monthly video views will testify this fact. There are a billion views generated every day on YouTube. This means people are spending over a billion hours watching videos just on YouTube worldwide.

Not just videos but anything that moves catches a viewer’s attention. That includes animated logos, flash animation, title animation etc.

That is a very interesting trend for animators and marketers across business domains. The fact that more people are watching videos is very good news for marketers because they can now make the most of the medium and convey a lot about their company and products in a very interesting and engaging manner. For animators, this is a very positive trend because a lot of videos require animation and graphics as the animation tool can take the video to the next level of viewing.

For businesses, a fresh marketing tool has emerged in the form of videos and graphics and companies are really leveraging it very well for giving that extra impetus to the sales and profits.

Here are a few obvious advantages of using animation in your business.

  • Simpler to understand: You would agree, watching a video about how to install an office-printer is far easier than reading a manual. That is the reason animated videos are a big hit with product companies who want to explain complicated or new theories to their customers in a simpler way.
  • Improves your Google search rank: Yes, that is true. Search Engine Marketing and Optimization does depend on the usage of videos on your website. Websites with videos stand out from others and search engines favor such pages.
  • Versatility of medium: You can upload an animated video on social media, YouTube or your website. The variety of platforms that can be used to spread the message using a video is a big benefit of using animation in your business. Many times this works very well for marketers to make a video go viral. This can give a big boost to the brand’s reputation as well as sales.
  • Variety of application: Another advantage is the variety of things you can animate. It can be a logo, a company title, a product usage video or an installation process. The application of animation has no limits.

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