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Top Reasons Your Business Should Opt For Video Marketing

Videos are a good way to tell your story in an impactful, concise and interesting way. In fact, it is believed that the amount of information in one single frame can take several pages to describe the same thing. No wonder then marketers around the world are making videos of their business to convey a message more effectively to the consumers.

Not just for consumers, but videos also make an excellent choice of the communication medium for digital marketing. All you need to do is get in touch with a digital marketing agency in the USA who can produce great quality videos for you.

Here are some statistics that we would like to present to make our point:

  • Daily, around 55% of viewers watch videos online.
  • 73% of B2B organisations believe video marketing results in better ROI
  • The shares of a video are very high. 92% of people who watch videos on their mobile share it with others.
  • Around one-third of the total internet users are on YouTube.
  • Video content beats major U.S. television networks by a huge margin. The amount of content television has created in 30 years is created in 30 days through online videos.
  • 87% of online marketers prefer using video content.

There are several such statistics that are released every month across the globe that prove a very valid point that if you are in a business do not ignore video marketing. Are you game yet?

Top Reasons Your Business Should Opt for Video Marketing

In case you are still not convinced, we have listed the following specific benefits of using video marketing in your business.

  1. Good for SEO marketing

    Videos are considered rich in content. They have higher chances of getting listed when you search them online. As they are content-rich, this gives marketers more options for including different keywords, tags and descriptions. Optimising these results in better SEO ranking.

  2. More shareable

    Videos are more shareable content. The viewers many times impulsively share the videos after watching them. This is also dependent on the content and storyboard of your video. If it is impactful the chances are high it goes viral.

  3. Higher ROI

    We have shared a few statistics above that already mention how videos generate greater ROI for businesses. Measuring this ROI can be a challenge. To overcome that, make sure you have complete clarity on your goals and objectives behind producing the videos.

  4. Ease of viewing on mobile phones

    Several people these days log on to social media channels through their mobile. That means there are higher chances that your videos on social media are getting viewed on a mobile phone. It is extremely easy to share videos on a mobile phone. That makes videos a favourite of those who like to watch interesting stuff on the go.

  5. Emotional impact

    Watching a video can stir your emotions very differently than a book or an article. What you see is what you believe. That makes videos a very impactful tool to create an emotional impact on viewers. A message loaded with impactful dialogues, background score and powerful acting can really take your message to the next level.

It makes business sense to outsource your video marketing activity to an expert in the field. It saves you time, money and resources. You can get in touch with WebSocl if you are looking for video marketing services at an affordable price and high quality. Log on to our website today to see our offers in video marketing. Our team is waiting to hear from you.