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Top Ten Back To School Customized Promotional Products

Children and teens have huge indirect buying power. Kids influence purchases. They are therefore a very important target audience for marketers. They are also amazing users of promotional products. Several companies like to give away branded stationery to school kids. This is useful as well as has a high probability of staying with the kid for longer.

Let us have a look at some of the most amazing back to school customised promotional products that you can opt for your next marketing campaign.

  1. Bag packs: A perfect companion to outdoor picnics, extra study classes or activities. A small bag that can hold a few essential things like a water bottle, a small snack box, a napkin and a notepad is perfect for children to carry anywhere. This makes it a favourite choice of marketers and customers.
  2. Rulers: This is a very practical and highly useful promotional item. Imagine how much you used the ruler as a child. Almost more than once a day. If children can read your brand name printed on the ruler every day, you can imagine the high visibility and brand recall value you can have from this simple promotional product.
  3. Water bottles: This is a very common and very functional promotional product. A beautiful and colorful water bottle with your logo on it is a perfect give away to children of all ages. They can use it for school, classes or any outdoor or indoor activity.
  4. Eraser and sharpeners: You can never go wrong with this one. Every student requires eraser and sharpeners. They are light on your pocket and have very high usability and retention value.
  5. Calculator: Calculators work best for students in elementary school or high school. Maths classes can be fun with a trendy calculator with your brand logo on it.
  6. Spiral notepad: Making notes is a very important part of any study. Children require a huge number of notepads in a year to make notes on several subjects. This makes spiral notepad a perfect advertisement speciality item.
  7. Pencils and pens: Writing instruments are the favourite of all the promotional products. They are an ideal choice for both boys and girls.
  8. Mini stapler: Students need to work on several projects as part of their studies. A lot of print outs need to be stapled together before the submission of the project. A stapler can come in very hand at this time. This can be a perfect give away for you especially if you are looking at something that is useful and pocket-friendly.
  9. Pen drive: In this digital age everything is done on computers. Sharing of data becomes easy with a pen drive. Every student has one and does not mind another addition to the collection of this highly useful promotional gift.
  10. Stationery pouch: When you have so many erasers, sharpeners, pencils, pens, rulers etc, you will need a pouch to store and carry them. Stationer pouches are available in a variety of colors and prints. You can opt for a cloth one or a plastic one depending upon your budget and other requirements.

There are several more items that can be added to the list of back to school promotional items like snack boxes, sweatshirts, caps etc. If you are looking for a wide variety of back to school customised promotional products then do get in touch with WebSocl. We are waiting to hear from you and serve you with extraordinary quality products and service.