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Types Of Artificial Intelligence You Should Know

The technology that is becoming popular with every passing day is Artificial Intelligence. AI can be described as intelligence demonstrated by machines that replicate the intelligence displayed by human brains.

In other words, AI is associated with the development of such computers, which are capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. These include the tasks of decision making, solving problems, and identifying objects.

Though the term has been in use in recent times, John McCarthy first coined it in 1956 as- ‘The science and engineering of making intelligent machines.’ Moreover, since then, AI has revolutionized the twenty-first century.

To know how AI solutions providers have incorporated AI in our everyday lives, we should first know the types of AI that exist. Let us have a look at them in detail:

Types of Artificial Intelligence that you must be aware of

Categorized based on their functionality, AI has the following types –

  1. Reactive Machine Artificial Intelligence

    Let us consider a game of chess where every move you or your opponent make is spontaneous and not pre-planned. Similarly, Reactive Machine AI solely operates based on current data, taking into consideration only the current situation. Having a narrow range of pre-defined tasks; Reactive Machine Artificial Intelligence cannot form inferences from the stored data to evaluate their future actions. AI solutions providers have incorporated Reactive Machine Artificial Intelligence to develop computer-based board games like chess and cards.

  2. Limited Memory Artificial Intelligence

    In contrast to the Reactive Machine Artificial Intelligence, Limited Memory AI can make informed and improved decisions on its own by studying the past data recorded from its memory. Thus, Limited Memory Artificial Intelligence has a short term or a temporary memory that can be used to store past experiences and hence evaluate future actions. Artificial Intelligence solutions providers in utilities such as self-driven cars have employed this type of AI. These cars use data collected in the recent past to make prompt decisions. The self-driven cars use sensors to identify people crossing the road, or traffic signals and makes better driving decisions. This helps to prevent any future accidents.

  3. Theory of Mind AI

    Unlike the aforementioned type of AI, the theory of Mind AI is a more advanced one when compared to the other types. Machines which run on Theory of Mind Artificial Intelligence are rumoured to play a major role in understanding human psychology and the complex functioning of the brain. The Theory of Mind Artificial Intelligence is used by AI solutions providers to mainly focus upon the emotional intelligence of the human mind so that their beliefs and thoughts can be well comprehended through the medium of AI.

  4. Self-Aware AI

    Though Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence is still a concept now, the possibility of this type of AI has been brought onto the table for discussions many times by eminent people like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Self-Aware AI will enable machines to have their own consciousness and develop awareness about themselves, a sense which is exclusively is available to plants, animals, and humans. If machines start to imitate humans on a conscious level, too, the idea of superintelligence will be established by the AI solutions providers.

According to a Gartner Report, AI solutions providers are going to create 3.2 million Jobs by 2021. Artificial Intelligence has made it possible for machines to learn from experience and develop to perform human-like actions. With technology making machines smarter, the world is sure to witness some major transformations in the way it functions.

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