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Types Of Graphic Design Based On Their Usage In Different Industries

Graphic designing has a very vast application across industries and domains. Here are some of the most commonly used graphic designing services:

  • Corporate design: The graphic designing that is used for creating company logos, or other corporate stationery or collaterals like envelopes, business cards, diaries etc is referred to as a corporate graphic design.
  • Marketing and advertising design: Graphic design’s main objective is communication. Hence it becomes a very useful medium in advertising and marketing. It is used for designing brochures, emailers, social media posts, infographics, posters etc.
  • Publication design: Graphic designers specializing in publication design should have a detailed understanding of print and production process. They should also be adept at working on different typography and should be able to handle photographs creatively. Some of the commons works of publication graphic designers are to create cover and inside pages of magazines, newspapers, catalogues, reports, books etc.
  • Environmental design: This generally refers to graphic designing required for outdoor mediums of advertising. For example, wall murals, signages, standees, ads on transportation etc. Graphic designers specializing in this field should understand different materials and should have a sense of how a place can be transformed into an experiential zone for customers.
  • Packaging design: This area is all about branding and telling the story of the brand within restricted space and time. Packaging design on the product can have a combination of illustrations, photographs and text. A graphic designer should be able to create a strong visual identity using specific brand elements and utilize all the touch points the product travels to.
  • Motion design: This form of graphic design is mostly seen on television or film. For example, trailers, animated logos, gifs, or titles and credits. So next time you see the name of a movie displayed in an impactful manner on the screen, you know that a lot of effort has been put by an able motion graphic designer behind it.
  • Web design: Website graphic designers should understand the usage of flash, gifs, typography and brand’s colour palette. A website is a combination of a lot of information and a wonderful way to present it. A graphic designer can really do a lot to make a mundane website interesting.