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Understanding The Role Of Typography In Graphic Designing

In the visual world, what you write is very important, but how you write is even more important. The key messages of an advertisement rendered beautifully with elegant typefaces and fonts create a very positive impact on the reader. Fonts, typefaces, typography may all sound similar but they have different meanings. Let us have a closer look at the meaning, importance and role of fonts in graphic designing.

Fonts refer to a group of typefaces. For instance, Arial is a font and Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Arial Nova etc are typefaces. A Font is a family of typefaces. The art of arranging these fonts and typefaces in a beautiful manner for printing or reading is called Typography.

Now that we have a clear idea of the jargons used in the “text “world, let us try to understand the role of fonts in graphic design:

  • Legibility: We read only what is clearly written. That is true when we write using any medium whether a pen, paper or digital medium. A good graphic design service provider knows the tricks of the trade and uses fonts to enhance legibility and readability of a message. He knows what typefaces go well with a particular theme, how to read the minds of the target audience and what impresses them the most. A smart designer will not just see fonts as a medium to enhance the appeal of the web page or a particular design but would know that the main task of typography is to enhance legibility and readability.
  • Visual fatigue: A reader may get visual fatigue by reading long lengths of articles and text. Here is where the right font usage is extremely important. The line length, the size of the font, the choice of typeface, the alignment etc are all important elements of typography. A reputed graphic design company has designers who understand these aspects well and know how to use them to enhance the reading experience and reduce visual fatigue.
  • Engagement: It may sound surprising but fonts do contribute to engaging the target audience. Good typography can add a lot of emotion, drama and style to a written matter. It instantly connects with the readers and has the power to stir them emotionally.
  • Call to action: Research suggests that typefaces can induce a response from people. Some font styles inspire confidence, some look formal, while some are comic. Each font has a different effect on a person. That is why it can influence a respondent’s answer or inspire him to take action.

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