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Video Editing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Video editing is like telling a story but in a very dramatic way. This exaggeration is what creates an impact on viewers. Combine this exaggeration with amazing music, audio and graphics effects and you have a sure-shot way of winning your viewer’s heart.

Let us try to understand this with an example. In the real world, if we want to sneak into a room without someone noticing us, we would just quickly walk into the room and close the door. But in the world of movies and animation, this has to be dramatized a bit to showcase what exactly happened. So in a movie, the same act will be something like this – a person takes two large strides, his expressions that of scare and caution. He pauses, looks left and right to see if no one is watching. Again takes two big strides carefully. Holds the door of the room and quickly gets into the room. Gives a quick look of relief and closes the door softly.

As you can visualize, the whole act is like telling a story. So that the audience can enjoy the scenes slowly and understand what is happening. The music and voice over dialogues play a major role here. Also, graphics are getting extremely popular and video editors are using them to enhance the viewing experience.

While you are at your work of creating your next video, it is a good idea to ensure avoiding some common mistakes video editors make. We have listed the top mistakes for you here so that you can check and avoid these:

  • Audio mixing: Audio generally comprises of two major things in a video – the background music and the dialogues. Video editors who use background scores should ensure the music is not too loud. If so, the audience will not be able to listen to the dialogues and will miss the story. Loud music can also cause fatigue to the ears.
  • Improper transitions: Transitions are the space between two shots. There are ways to transition to another shot. Some video editors like to give a fade effect, dissolve, pan, or instant scene change. The method of transition depends upon the impact you want to create in that particular scene. Improper transitions can be very annoying. Imagine a dissolve transition that lasts a bit too long and stays even when the next dialogue has begun. It is definitely a big no in any video editing work.
  • Out of sync audio: Music should be in sync with the scenes. If you are playing soft music then the scene transitions should be slow. Imagine a slow scene and fast background music. It is sure to confuse your viewers. Needless to say, it is also extremely annoying.
  • Graphics errors: Some of the common graphics errors can be using a coloured text that is not readable and legible. Or using multiple font families in a single video. One should be careful about the size of the font and the length of the titles to ensure the viewers can grasp what is written on the screen.

A company should ensure that the videos it uploads on different social media platforms are of professional quality. Videos are great when it comes to increasing brand awareness. If you are looking for a partner who can help you in video editing then you can get in touch with WebSocl. We deliver high-quality videos at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to know our offers and offerings.