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What Are The Attributes Of A Good Logo?

Your logos define who you are; they are an identity which people perceive of you. Made with the use of different stylized images, fonts, and symbols, logos define you, your company, or your product. A logo is a thing that connects you with your customers. With so many logos out there in the market, what makes a distinctive, good logo? If your customers identify your logo and associate it with your company/ brand directly, you know you have got it right!

Check out the attributes that make a good logo

  1. Simple
    Whether it is a single icon, a combination of images and text or something else, make sure it is simple to perceive. Don’t go too complicated with it and add too many effects such as shadows, borders, or shading. Simplicity is the key to an effective logo! Select one-two shapes, basic color palette, and a few gimmicks for building a logo. Simple logos stay evergreen and get etched in people’s minds for long. That is exactly what you need a logo to do, get fixated in the mind of the customer! Moreover, a simple logo saves you the trouble and expense of getting a complex one created.
  2. Versatile
    When you are designing a logo, make sure it is a versatile pick that you have made! When logos are designed, they are designed for multiple purposes and not just for a particular commodity. Thus, before finalizing and releasing it, check for different variants and sizes of it. Both small and large logos of the same design should look equally detailed. Also, you need to ensure beforehand that the logos look great on all applications, that is, on webpages, brochures, apparel, products, and other things. The colors and designs on each element should look similar.
  3. Memorable
    The question you need to ask yourself after looking at the logo that you are designing is- “Will customers be able to retain this logo in their minds?” With thousands and thousands of commodities in the market today, customers see plenty of advertisements and thus, several logos, too. Only if your logo is memorable enough, customers will be able to retain it. Make sure that the logo is easily recognizable and enhances your brand presence in the market. And, it should be easily identifiable so that once or twice the customers see it, they remember it too.
  4. Appealing
    Anything that appeals to us, we keep it in our minds for longer. This applies for logos and brands too. Your logo is the face of your brand, company, or product. Thus, the logo you design should appeal to your target market. At the same time, the logo should reflect what you do. It could represent the industry you work in or the product that you sell. Your logo should be symbolic of your organization’s vision. Use imagery to appeal to the target market with your logo.
  5. Relatable
    There are chances that the organization that you are designing the logo for offers multiple services or commodities. Hence, in such cases, the logo that you decide on must also relate to all the different services as well as products that are being provided or sold by the company. The logo should relate and fit in with your scope of offerings. The logo should blend in with all the different products or commodities.
  6. Strong
    The icon that you finalize for the logo must be really strong and impactful. There will be times when the logo will have to be manipulated, that is, maybe it has to be displayed in a smaller size or black-and-white color rather than its original vibrant form. In such cases too, the logo should stand out equally. Remember, a strong logo does not really need color to stand out! Design your logo accordingly.
  7. Iconic
    Your logo should define you completely. What does your product, brand, or organization mean to you? Or, for that matter, how do the employees working at the company or those associated with it perceive it? The logo that you design should be your passion. It should be an icon for what you do! The logo should evoke an emotion in the hearts of those associated with it. Be it the owner, employees, closest friends, clients, or anyone in close relation with the organization.
  8. Unique
    There are certain companies or brands that make the mistakes of using readymade templates, clip-arts, or stock images as a part of their logos. These templates or readymade vectors might be seen at other places too, then and hence, don’t remain unique. Thus, invest in getting the logo custom designed so that it is unique and reflects your business closely.
  9. Competitive
    Before you decide on your own, explore the market a little to understand the kind of logos already out there and the ones that are successful, that is, the ones that the target market appreciates. Try and understand the mindset and liking of the customers for different logos. Have a clear look at the logos of the competitors in the market. Is there any of the companies that you envy for their logo? Now is the time for you to step in and change the way your logo looks! Match up with the competitors and design the kind of logo that will find its place in the hearts of customers almost instantly.
  10. Reflective
    The logos should instantly point back to the brand of the organization. For example, an icon of the conservative type reflects an organization that is conservative. On the other hand, if your organization involves something artistic or creative, include that in the logo! Opt for something that is reflecting your company or its services in some manner. A great logo is remarked by how reflective it is of your company or brand.

Important questions to ask yourself before finalizing the logo

Once you have the attributes all matched up, ask these questions to yourself to get a better understanding of the logo that you have designed or finalized upon:

  1. Does the logo reflect the right style and tone that it is meant to?
  2. Is the logo trendy enough to appeal to the target market?
  3. How simple is it to perceive?
  4. Is the logo scalable enough without compromising on its essence?
  5. How self-descriptive is the logo?
  6. Is the logo relevant enough for the company?
  7. How strongly is it portraying the business services or values?
  8. Is the logo timeless to survive well in the market?

Are you planning to redesign the logo of your company?

Do you feel that the logo you have currently doesn’t quite fit very well with all the attributes discussed? Well, it is never too late for a change! If you feel that a better logo can be designed or recreated to match the business services in a better way, go for it! Get a stellar logo designed and get etched in the minds of your target customers.

Remember, the trend is not the only thing; the longevity of the logo also matters. Don’t rush into it to fit in with the trend as logos are the identity of the business. Hence, they can’t and shouldn’t be changed too frequently. It is better to design a logo that will last longer and stay permanently in the market.

Logos are an essential part of the branding of any and every business out there in the market. They should be distinct and yet, match up with the logos of the competitors! Simplicity and creativity should be merged together to create a classic logo for the organization to impress the target market. Build an identity for your business, build a logo that says it all about your business!