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What Makes Promotional Product A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Promotional products are branded merchandises that carry information about your company and are given for free to customers. Some of the examples of promotional products could be a pen, a tote bag, a cap or a shirt branded with company details. A lot of people may question what a simple promotional gift do to a company’s reputation or sales? A lot actually.

Brand Recall

If figures are to be believed, 84% of people remember the name of the brand on the promotional product. Writing instruments top the list of brand recall as per Advertising Specialities Institute. If a customer can remember your brand’s name when purchasing a product, you have really done some good marketing. Brand recall may be the first step in the purchase of the product. A good promotional product can take you a step closer to the sale of your product.

Cost Per Impression

Another very important parameter when selecting a marketing tool is its cost per impression (CPI). Promotional products have a very low CPI, as low as $0.004. That makes it more cost effective than most of the other advertising mediums. This is the reason the profit on investment or the return on investment in promotional products is very high. That makes them a favourite of marketers.

Brings More Business

As per statistics from PPAI a salesperson gets 22% more leads and referrals by giving promotional products to customers. That proves that speciality advertisement products or promo products work wonders in lead generation. Marketers are also of the opinion that people who receive speciality products for free have a more favourable opinion of the company and are more likely to do business with you.

What else do you need? A good ROI on advertising, loads of leads, steady business sales and good reputation are some of the powerful things you can achieve through the humble promotional product.

Now that you must be convinced to use a promotional product in your marketing strategy, remember that a promotional product need not be expensive but it definitely should be useful. It is important to select a product that your customers can retain, use and value for a longer period of time. For example, it is believed that people use bags given as promotional product almost 9 times a month. That surely makes for a good branding avenue and opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of the powerful advertisement medium of promotional products.

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