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Which is Better, Digital or Traditional Marketing? You Choose.

Digitalization can be considered an era that had started about 15 years ago and has suddenly taken a pace in India. With initiatives like Digital India and Vocal for Local, organizations have actively started using digital marketing as a marketing channel.

Internet services are becoming handy and the number of users is increasing constantly. Users are much more acquainted with digital platforms and unconsciously rely on it more. Marketing and sales have developed new vertical due to digitalization which being digital marketing and e-commerce respectively. Customers turn on their phones to search about any product and if they find it useful they may end up buying it off on an e-commerce website. In a way, digitalization had helped marketing to connect with its audience and generate relevant leads for sales. But to communicate with your audience you need to have a digital marketing plan and strategy fully prepared.


The only challenge in digital marketing is preparing its strategy. Many organizations know the importance of digital marketing and many are even present of the social media platforms but they are only lagging because of a proper strategy. They don’t have an integrated plan and an attainable strategy to move forward.

So, before your competitors take all your customers and you end up regretting not having a digital marketing strategy, start preparing.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing
Higher customer engagement Very limited interaction with the audience
Bounded between timelines for campaigns No control over the timing
Cost-effective Higher cost
Easily customized Limited customization options
Can be updated at any point of the campaign Cannot be easily updated
Can see the full analytics on a real-time basis Inability to disclose full pricing details
Easily managed campaigns Poor campaign management


The above pointer signifies why one should opt for digital marketing as a channel. Apart from these let’s compare the mediums of both the channels for lead generation.

Within digital marketing, we have the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Public Relations
  • E-commerce ads

Within tradition marketing, we have the following:

  • Marketing collaterals (brochure, manual, etc)
  • OOH
  • TVC
  • In-store outlets
  • Standees
  • Word-of-mouth

Now, stating the specific differences between these mediums:

  • Digital has a targeted reach to its audience because we share the information with the audience found in the research while traditional has a mass reach and cannot be specified how many audiences have seen it.
  • In digital marketing strategy can be modified once we see the performance of the campaign without incurring any kind of cost while in traditional once a campaign goes live it’s almost impossible to fair out the strategy and even if it’s possible then either it comes with a hefty amount or it gets too late to call off the campaign.
  • Digital marketing helps you generate quality leads that can be converted by sales while it takes a toll on the salesperson to convert an audience to lead and then to a consumer and it required marketing collaterals during the long process.
  • ROI can be calculated on a real-time basis and very quickly in digital marketing while in traditional marketing we can not get an exact number or sometimes we cannot even get the numbers.
  • Customer loyalty can be seen in digital marketing while in traditional marketing one needs to get a survey done, although it cannot be stated clearly.


It is not said that one should only opt for digital marketing. Every marketer understands the fact that India is still developing in terms of digital marketing. There is a huge part of India where internet service is still to be reached under the initiative Digital India and a huge percentage of the Indian population are still to use social media and have to learn using an e-commerce website. This section of the population needs to be educated by traditional marketing, even getting in touch with the brand over social media will have to be communicated by Traditional Marketing. But every business who is still avoiding its digital presence needs to understand India is changing and it not so far that every customer will be in direct touch with the brand.

So, grab your marketer and build up a digital strategy that will make your customer happy in the future because Digital India and Vocal for Local are not so far from making India Shine with its educated customers.