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Why Digital Marketing as a Marketing Channel?

The digitalization era has changed the course of every marketing execution and representation. Digital marketing is evolving so rapidly that if you, as a business and as a marketer, have to sustain then you have to upskill yourself time and again.

This does not mean that you should stop doing traditional marketing. It has got its benefits and audience. But ignoring then shift from physical to automation is also not advisable. Digital marketing had pretty much changed the course of brand marketing across demographics, industries, and time zones. Digital marketing has introduced a process of marketing through various digital channels like search engines, websites, social media platforms, email, and mobile applications.

Promotion through digital marketing Is done via different forms of digital media. Digital marketing helps businesses understand the analytics of marketing campaigns indicating their real-time performance. These analytical parameters help the organization to identify which campaign is working for them and which is not.

Every customer is well informed and has access to a plethora of knowledge handy. That is why it is very important to target the dash and this is the objective of digital marketing. They not only have information about your brand but also to what other people are talking about your brand does it is required to maintain online reputation. Online reputation is a game that has no grey area either you are black or white and customers are looking for brands they can trust and relate too.

It’s plain and simple if you fail to win in digital marketing, no matter how extraordinary you are in traditional marketing, your reputation and marketing are not going to improve as traditional marketing methods are slow and will become obsolete. Your digital marketing footprints will add value to your brand in the future.

As discussed in one of the blogs earlier, digital marketing provides you with real-time analytics to measure your campaign performances and conversion rates. These analytics can also assist you in understanding consumer behavior and implement changes on your website to boost customer engagement.

Digital marketing is a channel to reach out to a huge number of audiences on a modest budget. You can choose which digital marketing medium you want to invest in and which you don’t. The investment decision is completely in your hands.

Let’s talk about the major and effective channels of digital marketing and their impact on your brand. They are content marketing, email marketing, pay per click, Search Engine Optimisation, and social media marketing.

A.L.T.A.R. mediums of Digital Marketing:


    “Content is King.” Needless to say the ‘heart of digital marketing’. Every mode of digital marketing communication is dependent on content. It includes an all-round usage of text, video, and graphics. To gain customers’ attention and to keep them engaged, you need to have rich, meaningful, and relevant content.


    Email marketing is the major source of lead generation. It mainly involves the process of collecting basic customer data like email addresses and phone numbers of the target audience. The purpose of email marketing is brand building, conversions, and newsletters.


    PPC or pay per click is the go-to channel for generating traffic in less time. There are only two steps involved in a PPC campaign. One, do a thorough keyword research and second draft relevant information for the ad. Then all you need to do is invest and bid for the keywords strategically.


    Social media marketing (SMM), can be said as the face of the company as it is one of the most important channels of digital marketing. There are so many tools available on social media platforms that can be used to create brand awareness. If done consistently, then SMM campaigns can reach out to potential customers at a much larger rate.


    SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, help websites to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP). It is an unpaid technique. The process is somewhat similar to PPC, do the keyword research, and provide relevant information on the website. But this is just a small part of SEO. There are a few more aspects that count for good SERP like on-page and off-page optimization, link building, etc.

All these above-discussed channels can impart you to compete in a vast marketplace and giant competitors. These channels are going to prepare you for the future when digital marketing will be the only option. All these channels are highly economical but require proper planning and strategic implementation.

In India, the number of the digital service user is over 20 million and by 2021 internet users are going to increase likely over 800 million. So the possibilities of reaching out to your potential customers through digital marketing are much higher than any other market channel and India being the fastest-growing digital market the competition is going to increase tremendously. So you cannot neglect digital marketing to boost your branding and marketing activity.